Puerto Rico and The Caribbean Chapter – Mission 2022


Mission Statement

Model Mission Statement: The mission of the chapter is to support and advance the Designated members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates in a relationship with the market for valuation services. The chapter exists solely for the benefit of the members, candidates, practicing affiliates and affiliates.


Chapter Specific

1.Motivate members, candidates, practicing affiliates and affiliates to serve The Appraisal Institute, by promoting activities and the benefits of the Appraisal Institute and those of our Chapter. Promote educational activities with special attention to those servicing our general community.  To seek volunteer opportunities in Regional and National Committees, which will be a more critical role going forward.

2.  Continue to forge productive working relationship with those willing and able Board and Chapter Members, who identity the problems and collaborate to resolve them. Combined efforts of the group working together, ideally should achieve more than by each working separately. Keeping a stable pace among Board Members in collaborating would, likewise, result in better, more timely results, and achieving common goals successfully, to Advance the Appraisal Profession and Sponsor Education of Excellence for the benefit of our Chapter.

3.  Monitor the Budget as useful tool to maintain Chapter offerings and growth as feasible. Find new opportunities to increase revenues and decreasing expenses. Potential coordination with Region X and National for synergies and streamlining.